Fotolia login with facebook

Fotolia login with facebook

In this video tutorial I show you how to (relatively) simply replace the default application image that is installed with the Facebook Timeline if you are using any outside applications on your Facebook Timeline Business Page. In this tutorial I used and the Mac image editor Pixelmator but you can use any image source, or a screen capture, and any image editor which allows you to change the “canvas size” as well as fill any blank spots with color.


  1. Either download your image or use a screen capture tool to grab one from one of your websites. For a Mac you can do command-shift-4 which saves a screen capture to your desktop. Otherwise you can use something like Snagit, Jing or the ScreenGrab add-on for Firefox. For downloadable images if you don’t already have them from your existing sites/branding, try iconfinder or findicons, or a royalty free image source such as istockphoto or fotolia.
  2. Go into your photo editing software and open your image.
  3. Change it’s size (Edit > Image Size) to either the 74 height or the 111 width that is required by Facebook. I usually look at the image and if it is square or tall I start with the 74 height but if it is a wide image I shrink it to the 111 width.
  4. Then create the opposite side’s dimension by changing the “canvas size” – usually Edit > Canvas Size. For this, keep whichever “correct” dimension you resized to already (in my case – the 74 height) and then change the OTHER dimension to the Facebook requirement (in my case, 111 for the width).
  5. This will usually create some blank space in your image.
  6. Use the “magic wand” or other selection tool to highlight the blank areas (click shift-click to select more than one).
  7. While the blank areas are highlighted, click the Fill button, or Edit > Fill. Select the correct color you would like and hit OK. This fills in your blank space with a background color.
  8. Save your image. I like to use File > Export for Web because it reduces the file size and therefore loads faster. Save with a title you will remember.
  9. Go back to Facebook and on your Business Page click on Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Apps
  10. Find the application you wanted to edit and click on Edit Settings
  11. Adjust the name if desired and click on Change next to custom tab image.
  12. In the new window click Change again and browse to your computer to find your new 111 x 74 image.
  13. Go back to the first window and click Okay to save this new image.
  14. Go back to View Page to see your page and refresh it, then find your new icon.
  15. If  you would like to move this new app to a different position, click the down arrow next to your default row of 4 apps, then when you hover over the one you want to move you will see a pencil. Click that and choose which other app you would like to switch its place with.
  16. Voila! All done!

If you would like to show off your Page you’ve edited like this, please list the link in the comments!

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